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Dr. BBQ’s first online only class teaches you how to cook real low and slow barbecue at home

Low & Slow BBQ at Home

Master the craft of real American barbecue in your backyard! Get the secrets to savory meat, flavorful rubs and succulent sauces from Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe.


Learn to season your meat and cook lip-smacking barbecue — all with recipes and techniques that cookbook author and barbecue expert Ray Lampe created especially for the home cook. Find out what equipment you need to get the flavors you want. Make several of the doctor’s signature rubs and sauces, from hot and spicy rubs to North Carolina vinegar sauce, and learn which flavors suit which cuts and meats best. Then, expertly cook the ultimate low and slow pork shoulder, a melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket — in both the Texas and Kansas City styles — and, of course, ribs! Round out your new skill set with tips for slow-smoked poultry such as Creole-butter turkey and brined, barbecued chicken. Plus, learn which wood brings out the best flavors from each of the meats you’ll smoke in this class!


After teaching hundreds of today’s barbecue champions the ways of the pit in parking lots all across America (and in England), Dr. BBQ now turns his attention to teaching backyarders everything they need to know to cook great barbecue at home.


Teaming up with Craftsy makes this a wonderful and simple experience that will change the food in backyards all around the world in 7 simple lessons. Click the video icon to the right to get started and “Good BBQ to you!!”




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