Hall of Fame Rubs

Hall of Fame BBQ Rubs by Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ

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After four decades of barbecue competitions, food trucking, cookbook writing, restaurant working, and a whole lot of recipe development, I figured it was time to share some of what I learned with some new food products. These new Hall of Fame Rubs are the beginning and they represent my favorite spice combinations These are truly the flavors I  use to cook at home.

Ray Lampe AKA Dr. BBQ has been cooking and creating barbecue recipes since 1982. Along the way Ray has cooked in hundreds of competitions, run a food truck, worked for a couple restaurants, written cookbooks, and represented big brands all across the country. He’s developed hundreds of recipes for these projects using all the taste experiences of his 40 years of the barbecue life.  These new Hall of Fame Rubs are the culmination of his life’s work creating grilled and smoked flavor profiles. These are Ray’s favorite spice combinations, and these are truly the flavors he uses to cook at home.

Dr. BBQ’s Chicago Style Steak and Chop Rub is a simple no sugar combination of salt pepper garlic with some secret additions to enhance those tasty classic flavors. These are the flavors you would experience at a Chicago Chop House where they cook big steaks and pork chops, but of course this simple blend works well across the whole kitchen.

Dr. BBQ’s Garlic and Herb Italian Beef Rub starts out as the spice blend for a legendary Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich. Be sure to check drbbq.com for that original recipe. The simple Italian herb flavors also make it great dipping seasoning for bread with just a little olive oil added and a generous shake before cooking can spice up all your you’re grilling with a little bit of that great Italian beef taste.

Dr. BBQ’s Peachipotle Rub is a true competition style barbecue seasoning. It’s perfect on ribs, chicken and all cuts of pork for slow smoking. The combination of sweet Peach and spicy Chipotle are just the right balance for that sweet-heat taste that we all love, and that bright Peachy color will have everyone scoring your food high on presentation.

Dr. BBQ’s Nashville Hot Chicken Rub is seriously hot. Ray wouldn’t put his name on a hot rub if it was wimpy and this one is smoking. It’s perfect for simple grilled, smoked, baked and even air fryer hot chicken. But don’t sleep on it for hot pork chops, hot shrimp and fish or even added to the mix when you’re making grandmas fried chicken.

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